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Horseshoe Bay, TX
November 2023
I have sold many houses over the years, because I transferred a lot with my job.  Since I retired, I have sold four.  I was beginning to think that if you were too dumb to do anything else, you sold real estate.  The Zaba Team proved me wrong.

They are extremely professional.  They come to your house, learn everything about it so when a prospective buyer comes they can explain everything about it.  Then, when another realtor wants to show it, the Zaba Team takes the burden off the seller by showing up first and preparing the place for showing (opening the curtains, turning on the lights, etc.).  The Zaba Team is there when the house is being shown and when the the prospective buyer & their agent leave they close up everything, turn off the lights, make sure everything is locked up, and calls the property owners to let them know that it’s OK to return home.  This is something that no other agent I have had experience with does.

If I ever sell another house I will use them.
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